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How we started

20150724_023706#1I am Yashodhara .

My daughters have been helping me groom my dogs to perfection  since their childhood days and often wondered why many pets kept by others were not in such a  healthy condition.  During one of their trips abroad, they happened to see some Pet Grooming Parlours and  being very artistic by nature, knew that they too can master the art of shaping dogs for shows and grooming them to perfection.

They decided it would be a very viable profession and would  also enable them to expand  our  already well established kennels, Yashbans.  Since there were no professional Parlours at that time, they decided to be the first ones to capture the market, as as Poineers you are always the Leaders..  Being involved with dogs from  their very early age itself, gave them that edge to understand the conformation of most breeds of dogs and what  type of styling was required for each breed of dog.   

They understood that though people loved their dogs, many did not know how to groom their dogs correctly or simply because they heavy work schedules did not give them the time to groom their pet.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Pet Styling Studo & Spa was a name that Radhiya came up with after grooming her first dog- a Labradoodle.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Pet Styling Studio & Spa just started off with basic grooming for pets. It was just regular baths, ear cleaning, nail trimming, blow drying and perfuming the pet.  When people started realizing that a clean pet meant  less of skin and coat problems, no cancur of the ears, no  overgrown nails which were ingrowing into the dogs pads causing him excruciating  pain, they soon started making it a regular visit.   

Then we included the show grooming and skin treatments for dogs.  Very averagely conformed dogs, with our expert hair styling and trimming, started having an edge at dog shows.  People found our treatments for various skin diseases exceptional.  We soon added the aroma therapy massages.  Now ofcourse,  grooming  a pet has become a fashion statement, with kids wanting their dogs and cats  to either have a  lion cut or a puppy cut or a lamb cut or a punk style hair cut, or simply any styling that they  can think of,  and we deliver.  They want their pets to be coloured  in various styles too,  like a pink tail or yellow ears, or green paws etc.

Today it is not only a question of hygiene for their pets, but it is also because people want to pamper them with the best.  People are slowly understanding the value of pets in their every day life and  want to  do their best in turn for them too.

The most sought after services in our FUZZY  WUZZY PET STYLING STUDIO & SPA is our specialized skin treatments.  Hair styling for exotic breeds is our forte and many of the Expatriates who have come to Bangalore with exotic breeds are extremely pleased and often tell us we are better than many  Pet Parlours in the West.  Hair colouring is becoming an increasing demand from children.

It gives us great pride to inform that we get clients coming from places like Kerala, Tamil Nadu , Ahmedabad, quite regularly,  traveling all the way to Bangalore just to get their pets groomed at our Parlour. Not only because they have a well groomed and squeaky clean pet, but also because our method of handling pets without any sedation or anaesthetic but with lots of love and care makes their pets enjoy their sessions with us. Some of the pets which were quite bad tempered earlier and become such lovable darlings.


Professional, State of the art, Grooming Parlour


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Our services

Customized Styling & Grooming for Show Dogs

Oil Massage


Tick & Flea Control Treatement

Ear cleaning

Nil Clipping

Teeth Brushing

De-Tangling Treatement  & Matt Removal

Aromatherapy rinses

Skin Conditioning and Skin Care

Hair Coloring

Hair Care

Nail Art

Make overs

Stripping & Carding

Brizilians and more

Hygeine Grooming