Pet Grooming School

Professional Pet Grooming School

“To be a Professional and Successful Pet Groomer you do not have to have fancy degrees or qualifications.  All you need to be is a genuine animal lover, with lots of  patience, dedication and an eye for creativity“-  Yashodhara  (India’s first and most experienced Pet Groomer and Stylist)



Why Fuzzy Wuzzy ?

¬India’s first ever Pet Styling Studio & Pet Spa managed by a team of pet lovers whose expertise and experience in the field of breeding, rearing, grooming and presentation of show dogs would be your inspiration and guide to convert your passion for pets into a lucrative and fun-filled career .

¬Only grooming school supported by India’s top kennel “Yashbans” to give you practical training on live pets including show dogs, show cats and other common household pets every day of your course.

¬Flexible hours of study.

¬Small classes to ensure one to one attention and guidance.

¬Interactions, visual presentations and examinations to keep you updated with the latest trends in grooming and presentation.

¬Assistance and guidance to set up your own business.


Your instructors :

Yashodhara , all breeds judge and master groomer will teach you breed standards , aestictic grooming , corrections of flaws , camouflaging of defects and highlighting the finer points of show dogs.

Radhiya , the professional Pet Stylist , trained abroad and then furthered her knowledge under Yashodhara is the  only experienced groomer in India  to have groomed winning show –dogs . She will teach you the nuances of hygiene grooming, show grooming and safe, sedation free handling of pets .

Rishya a trained veterinary assistant and groomer from the US will instruct and train you on handling emergency situations and  first aid besides identifying skin problems with personalized solutions.


Fuzzy Wuzzy offers you the perfect grooming course that others can’t.